We want to ensure that you have all the information you need available to you before you commit to one of our amazing challenges - so here is our FAQ page, from fundraising support to anything challenge related! 

Please note that these FAQs are generic across all challenges, both UK and overseas. For details that are relevant to your specific challenge, please refer to the challenge’s specific page on our website.

We have six different challenges for you to choose from...

We have two international hiking challenges: Dana to Petra trek in Jordan and Machu Picchu trek in Peru. 

Then, we have two European hiking challenges: Iceland Fire and Ice trek, and the Peaks of the Balkans trek

Finally, we have two UK based challenges: the National Three Peaks Challenge and a Charity Skydive

If you want to learn more about what we offer, have a look at our 'Challenges' page here.

For each challenge, there is a specific ‘what’s included’ section on our website. Typically, the following is included for our trekking challenges (not including skydive): 

  • All accommodation during the expedition
  • Three meals a day (unless otherwise stated)
  • Internal road and air transfers
  • All ground staff including English speaking guide, drivers, cooks, and porters
  • Full back-up support including first-aid qualified staff and first-aid supplies
  • Activity equipment if necessary

If you want to know what's included for a specific challenge, make sure to have a look at the challenge's webpage.

The minimum age to participate in one of our UK national or overseas trekking challenges is 18, although we can approve someone below 18 on a case-by-case basis. There is no upper age limit for any of our challenges.

If you are interested in our skydive challenge, then no training is required. 

For all other challenges we offer, we strongly recommend that you practice some form of hiking and start training at least 6-8 weeks before the challenge date. If this is not possible for you to do, we would recommend going on regular walks with different types of ground, steepness, and even practice walking with the bag you will wear on the challenge, as well as your walking boots. All of this will help prepare your body for the day. 

There are no specific exercise routines that you must follow, as everyone is different. However, doing squats regularly as well as step-up exercises, such as the stair master at the gym, is recommended.

The team at Endeavours Adventures do not offer training sessions. However, this may be something that your challenge leader could organise throughout the year for you and your team.

The fundraising targets for each challenge vary. Below are the 22-23 targets for our challenges: 

  • Skydive = £425 - £450
  • National Three Peaks Challenge = £695
  • Peaks of the Balkans Trek = £1,495
  • Dana to Petra Trek = £1,695
  • Machu Picchu Trek = £1,695
  • Iceland Fire and Ice Trek = £2,495

Yes! In signing up you must also reach your fundraising target to confirm your place on the challenge. But fear not! We have an expert team of fundraising guides and support available to help you.

Many participants worry about this - you're not alone! We at Endeavours Adventures understand that fundraising is not easy, and that other things may get in the way of your fundraising progress. Therefore, we aim to be as flexible as we can with our options so that you feel supported. 

If you have not reached your target by the final fundraising deadline date, you can defer your place on the challenge to next year and pay a deferral fee (varies depending on challenge). 

If you reached 80% of your fundraising target by the final deadline, you may be allowed to go on the challenge in the current year, and then fundraise the remaining amount of money once you are back. 

However, if you have not reached your target and have not been in communication with us, the Endeavours Adventures team will cancel your place on the challenge.

Charity challenges are usually split 50:50, where 50% of your fundraising goes straight to the charity, and the remaining 50% goes towards the costs of running the challenge. At Endeavours Adventures, we want to go above and beyond and ensure that we are giving as much to the charity as possible. 

For our national challenges, the split is 51% to the charity, and 49% to the costs of the challenge. 

For international challenges, 52% of the fundraising goes to the charity, and 48% goes towards the costs of the challenge. 

On top of this, 100% of the money that you raise above your fundraising target goes directly to the charity to support the incredible work they do.

You will have an immense amount of support through every step of your challenge experience. The team at Endeavours Adventures all have an extensive background in student fundraising and have tip and tricks to give to you. 

You will also have a challenge leader who will be your main point of call to voice any fundraising concerns or worries. 

Most challenges will have a charity representative, who will lead on supporting your fundraising progress, and will offer different resources and events to help boost your donations. If a challenge does not have a charity representative, the team at Endeavours will lead on fundraising support.

Endeavours Adventures have a lot to offer you in terms of fundraising support! Once you sign up to your challenge, you will receive a welcome email which will include the different ways the team will support you. 

This support will include a monthly fundraising newsletter, monthly fundraising support sessions, an online fundraising resources pack, and regular communication with the Endeavours Adventures’ team.

Your fundraising deadline will most likely be between 6-8 weeks before your challenge start date.

easyfundraising is an online fundraising platform that lets over 7,000 brands donate to your fundraising target. Whenever you or your network shop online, brands send a percentage of what’s been spent to you, giving you an easy and free way of reaching your fundraising target faster. So far, easyfundraising has helped raise over £42M for good causes and charities.

You or your network would need to start their online shop via the easyfundraising website or app first. If they make a purchase, a commission is generated, and easyfundraising turn that into cashback you can put towards your fundraising target. It won’t cost anyone anything extra as the cost is covered by the brand. It’s their way of giving back.

It's super easy! Just click here and click ‘sign me up’. 

IMPORTANT: Remember to put in the challenge that you are taking part in! Example: John Smith – Machu Picchu Trek 2023.

At this current time, you cannot directly connect your easyfundraising account to your fundraising platform. Once signed up to easyfundraising, you can input how you receive your donations. You can choose to receive a cheque made out to your charity which you can then forward on, or you can add your bank details. You can also have the money deposited directly into your bank account. However, you need to deposit this onto your fundraising page as soon as possible.

Payments are made quarterly, so every three months. You will need to reach the £15 minimum threshold in order to be paid. If you haven’t reached that amount in the quarter, don’t worry! The money raised will roll over until you reach that £15 mark.

You can find out more about easyfundraising here.

Every effort is made to manage safety and security throughout our challenges whilst still ensuring the challenges can be memorable and exciting. If at any time you feel unsafe or see something you are unsure of, you can contact your nearest guide, or your Endeavours Rep. 

Endeavours Adventures is covered by comprehensive travel and tour operators’ liability - for more information on this please contact Likewise, Endeavours Adventures has made sure to work with accredited and reputable safe local suppliers with good insurance and knowledge. 

All our treks are risk assessed in line with BS8848 British Standards of Trekking.

The team at Endeavours Adventures want to make sure that anyone can take on the challenges we offer. However, safety is our priority. If you have any known health condition or disability, you must mention this when filling out your sign up form. 

If you are signed up and have since been diagnosed with a health condition, you need to email as soon as you can. 

Endeavours Adventures also strongly recommend talking to your GP at least 12 weeks before your skydive to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities, and how this may impact your experience.

Please also remember to declare any health issues to your travel insurer, as if you don’t, it will invalidate your policy.

Endeavours Adventures can cater for all dietary options. At 8 weeks before your challenge start date, a form will be sent to you to request this information. Through this, we will ensure that you are catered for, and will keep you updated on any issues regarding your dietary requests. The chefs and caterers across all our international challenges are fantastic and serve tasty and traditional food.

For all of our challenges, please make sure to ask your guide whether it is safe to drink the water available in both the urban and rural areas.

Bringing re-usable 1L or 2L water bottles on your challenge is compulsory, as you need to have enough water to keep hydrated and well throughout your trek.

No, there will not be a doctor on your trip. However, all of our local guides are fully trained in first aid and emergency response, each having years of experience at their respective destination.

Whether you need vaccinations will depend on the challenge you are signing up to. You will need vaccinations if you are taking on the Dana to Petra trek or the Machu Picchu trek. You can find out more about the required vaccinations on their respective challenge pages.

Endeavours Adventures would always recommend checking with a GP or travel nurse as soon as possible to ensure you are up to date with any vaccinations for your own safety and wellbeing, regardless of what challenge you are on.

Flights are not included in the registration fee, and must be arranged by participants themselves. This is because it is cheaper and provides you with more flexibility in terms of when you arrive and depart from the country, should you wish to stay for longer before or after.

No, Endeavours Adventures are no ATOL protected, as none of our challenges include flights organised by us.

The team at Endeavours Adventures will send out an email of different flight options to you and can assist in supporting you with bookings.

Since the flights are not included in the price, you can either book your flights to go with the rest of the team, or to book onto another set of flights if that is what you prefer. On the day of the challenge, your EA representative will get in touch to make sure you have made it to your airport and got onto your flight safely and on-time.

Once the challenge has been completed, you are within your right to stay in-country to explore for yourself. However, please be aware that you need to let the team at Endeavours Adventures know 8 weeks before your challenge date about this plan. Also, there will not be an EA representative or local guide with you if you stay in-country post-challenge. If you have any queries about this, please contact the Endeavours Adventures team.

Again, you can stay in-country before the challenge start date. However, please be aware that you need to let the team at Endeavours Adventures know 8 weeks before your challenge date about this plan. Also, there will not be an EA representative or local guide with you pre-challenge start date. If you have any queries about this, please contact the Endeavours Adventures team.

Travel insurance is not compulsory for those interested in our Skydive or National Three Peaks Challenge opportunities. 

For our European and International challenges, it is your responsibility to arrange your own travel insurance for the whole duration of your challenge. 

It is important that you get cover that is specific to your challenge, as they all have different requirements. Please check the challenge page you are interested in to find out what requirements you need. If you have any questions regarding this, please email

You are welcome to source your own insurance, but we recommend booking through our suppliers below:

For most of our challenges, a visa is not required for UK citizens. However, if you are an international citizen, it is your responsibility to arrange your own visa to cover the duration of your challenge. You can contact the team at Endeavours Adventures should you need support in this process.

The registration fees for each challenge vary. Below are the 22-23 registration fee costs for our challenges: 

  • Skydive = £75
  • National Three Peaks Challenge = £75
  • Dana to Petra Trek = £245
  • Peaks of the Balkans Trek = £250
  • Iceland Fire and Ice Trek = £395
  • Machu Picchu Trek = £395

With a variety of options available, you can choose to pay our standard registration and fundraising target, or alter the total amount paid at sign up in order to receive a proportionate change of the total amount you will have to fundraise. No matter the registration fee chosen, each can be split across different payment plans. 

Options Available:

  • STANDARD - Standard Registration Fee and Fundraising Target
  • FLEXI 1 - Lower Registration Fee and Higher Fundraising Target
  • FLEXI 2 - Max Registration Fee and Low Fundraising Target

For challenge specific prices, please look at the 'FAQs' section on the challenge page you are interested in.

Yes, you are able to change your fundraising option for your challenge, provided that it is before your final fundraising deadline. However, you must talk to your charity representative or a member of the Endeavours Adventures team first before this can be confirmed.

Please also note that if your fundraising option change is approved, this will incur a £20 administration fee cost to you that must be paid to the Endeavours Adventures' bank account. Once this payment is confirmed, we will process your request.

For our Charity Skydive and National Three Peaks Challenge, we do not offer any other payment plan options. 

However, for our international challenges, we offer different payment options, as mentioned below:

  1. Pay the registration fee in full.
  2. Pay 50% of the registration fee now, and 50% at a later date.
  3. Have an active payment plan subject to the sign up option you pick for your chosen challenge trek.

Any request to cancel your place on your challenge must be confirmed to us in writing to Cancellations are effective only from the day they are received by the Endeavours Adventures team. 

Cancellations by you will incur the below fees: 

  • Up to 48 hours after signing up: You are eligible to receive a full refund of your registration fee minus a £15 admin fee.
  • Up to 14 days after signing up: You are eligible to receive a 75% refund of your registration fee minus a £15 admin fee. 
  • Beyond 14 days after signing up and up to 10 weeks prior to the challenge: You are not eligible for a refund of your registration fee and must pay any outstanding fees to us before we can confirm cancellation of your place. This includes all outstanding registration fees such as a 2nd or 3rd instalment payment (if you opted to split your registration fee into instalments) or your extension registration fee if applicable.
  • Between 10 weeks and the date of departure: All payments made to Endeavours Adventures are completely non-refundable.

For skydives, there is a £30 deferral fee that you need to pay to confirm your place to next year. For all trekking challenges, both UK and international, there is a £70 deferral fee that you need to pay.

If you need to cancel your place on our challenge, then the latest you can cancel is 8 weeks before your challenge date. However, we do recommend that you try to let the Endeavours Adventures team know as soon as possible!

If you have to cancel your place on the challenge, 100% of the money you have fundraised will go directly to the charity you were fundraising for. This money will not be refunded to the people who have donated. If you decide to defer your challenge place to next year, you can keep your fundraising page live and use the next 12 months to continue your fundraising.

At Endeavours Adventures, we value sustainability and responsible tourism at the highest level to deliver a fulfilling, enjoyable experience whilst supporting local communities. We work with all stakeholders to monitor our operations and strive to continually improve what we do and encourage all our participants try to reduce single use plastics by bringing reusable water bottles  and minimising plastic use where possible.

Endeavours Adventures firmly recognises the negative impacts that travel and adventure can have upon our planet, with emissions, resource use and impacts upon local economies inherently present due to the nature of our business’s operations. Equally, we are conscious that the wider travel industry, of which we are a part of, is at a greater risk of labour exploitation, animal rights abuse, damage to natural landscapes and destruction of habitats. 

We are fully committed to being a sustainable business with a social purpose. With this in mind, Endeavours Adventures are proud to be climate positive in our travel practices for our challenges, which means we go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit. You can find out more about this here.

Yes, we do! You can read our Modern Slavery Statement here.

We are accredited by Travellers Against Plastic (TAP) since 2020 and have plans to become members of other accreditation agencies in the future.

At Endeavours Adventures, we like to give back to the local guides and crew who have helped us put on our amazing challenges. In the countries in which we operate our challenges, it is customary to tip. 

In your Challenge Briefs sent out 8 weeks before your challenge start date, you will be recommended to bring some extra money to tip the team. 

Your Endeavours Adventures rep will collect the recommended collective amount towards the end of the challenge and distribute it amongst the guides and other support members.

When you complete a booking form, you will provide us with a certain amount of personal data, which will only be used for the purposes of administering your challenge. Please refer to our privacy policy here for more details.

We hope that everyone who comes on a challenge with Endeavours Adventures has the best time! However, we also understand that things may not go directly to plan.

If you encounter any issues, please email 

If you are already on your trip and have a complaint or issue to raise, then you should speak to your Endeavours Adventures rep who will write up this complaint once back in the UK.


Each challenge has a dedicated kit list which is provided no later than 8 weeks prior to your start date. We also have a number of unique partnerships with outdoor suppliers and TOP TIPS on how to get cheap, high quality kit for your challenge!

Below is our GENERAL challenge kit list to give you an idea of what you made need

Got more questions for us? We'd love to help!

Please email for any other queries.