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Mission: 'To Make Adventure A Global Force for Good'


Founded in September 2019, our founder, Alex, combined a love for travel, adventure and charity together to create Endeavours Adventures. With the goal of creating a challenge company that could truly help make the world a better place.

Our vision is to become the UK's largest provider of group adventures and charity challenges, with sustainability, service excellence and social responsibility at the heart of what we do.

What do we offer?

Our charity challenges involve individuals joining one of our teams taking part in legendary challenges across the globe, including our infamous Balkans, Machu Picchu, and Jordan to Petra Treks, alongside skydives and a number of UK challenges, all whilst raising money for one of our partner charities.

Why Endeavours Adventures?

We are passionate about transforming adventure travel to be a force for good in the world. This is enshrined within our mission statement 'To make adventure a global force for good' which guides and helps ensure we always push ourselves to do and be the best we can be.

We are committed to excellence, and strive to ensure that no matter whether you are a charity, partner, participant or stakeholder involved in our of our challenges, then you receive the support and service you deserve. 

As a charity partner, we have been quoted as the 'best challenge provider I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot'  by one of our largest partner charities in 2020.

What's best is that we are still learning, and are looking to only improve what we offer over the coming years!

Our Values

1) Think Orange

You love to go the extra mile, above and beyond what our customers expect.

You are curious and determined to find better ways to do things.

You have a positive attitude, actively seeking to learn something new every day.

2) Service and Product Excellence

3) Use business to protect the planet

The challenges we face as a society require leadership. Once we identify a problem, we act.

4) Not bound by convention

Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things.


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