Venture from Norway on a weeklong dog sledding expedition across the Arctic Circle...



Are you ready to lead a team of huskies sledding across the Arctic Circle?

Over the course of 8 days, you will lead your own team of Alaskan Huskies as you 'mush' through silent ancient forests, endless snowy landscapes and frozen lakes & river beds of Northern Scandinavia. Become familiar with how to set up camp, tend to your dogs and get closer to nature than ever before. 

The memories of the vast Arctic tundra with the sounds of paws on snow will never leave you.

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Norway: DARE - Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge

April 15 - 22 2024

Norway: DARE - Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge

Want to sledge with your own team of Alaskan Huskies in the Arctic?...


After arriving to Tromsø airport, you will be transferred to the Tisnes kennel, home to 130 high-spirited Alaskan Huskies! The first night is spent here sleeping on reindeer skins, with the fire going, in traditional Sami tents. 

At the kennel, the guides will go through all the specialist equipment and prepare you for the great outdoors. Coffee and waffles will be served during a pre-departure briefing. 

In the evening, a cosy dinner is served in the main Lavvu. This will be a time to relax and socialise with the guides and other participants before the real adventure begins. 

Included: Airport Transfer

Guided Tour: Included

Meals: Snacks, Hot Drinks, Dinner

Accommodation: Sami Tents

After an early breakfast, you will board a bus for a 2 hour drive to Signaldalen, the starting point on your adventure! You will be assisted to set up your team before you hit the trails and sled off into the vast wilderness, following the expedition leader. Today you will sled 30km through mountain forests to the Three-Nation border (between Norway, Sweden and Finland). 

Included: Transport, sledding equipment, camping equipment, guide 

Meals: B,L,D

Accommodation: Camping

This is where the fun starts and the day by day itinerary is at the mercy of the Arctic terrain and the everchanging, often unforgiving conditions. The routes are limitless, a real Arctic playground. 

The entire expedition will take you approximately 200km through mountain forests, across frozen lakes and over high plateaus in cold, challenging conditions but after day 2, the route is not entirely fixed. 

Your experienced guides will continually assess the conditions and decisions on the route and camping areas will be taken at the time, with maps in hand, like true polar explorers. Ideally, the plan is to spend one more night wild camping before reaching our unique campsite known as ´Fish Camp` at Rostojavri on Day 4. Here, you are treated to an overnight stay in a cabin to warm up and refresh in the sauna before two more nights in the wild. 

While the route is not fixed, the daily structure will be similar. We rise early for the morning duties. Camp is packed up and the dogs fed, harnessed and set up on the sled. Our aim is to leave areas as untouched as we found them. The days are spent exploring, with short breaks for you and the dogs, before finding a suitable camping spot and resting up ready for another big day. 

Included: Sledding equipment, camping equipment, guide 

Meals: B, L, D

Accommodation: Camping and cabin with sauna

Today we start our descent into the twists and turns of the forest and finishing up 45km later nearby Devddesjavri. This is our final night in the wild so we will share stories and experiences around the camp fire whilst enjoying a rustic BBQ. 

Included: Sledding equipment, camping equipment, guide

Meals: B,L,D

Accommodation: Camping

You will be expert mushers by now so enjoy the ride and soak up the last 15km of wilderness all the way down to Dividalen where our transportation will be waiting for us to head back to the city. Now rest and relax because you DID IT!

The last night will be in hotel accommodation in Tromsø city centre and the group will enjoy a dinner together in the city to reflect on the adventure and celebrate!  

Included: Transport, sledding equipment, guide

Meals: B,L,D

Accommodation: Hotel

Enjoy a final morning in Tromsø city before your airport transfer to your onward flight, taking with you your memories to last a lifetime! 

Included: Airport transfer

Meals: B


  • All meals as specified in itinerary 
  • Safe drinking water and hot drinks
  • Professional, English speaking Arctic local guides and cooks
  • Accommodation throughout the challenge
  • Your own team of huskies and use of an expedition sled 
  • All transport in-country
  • Arctic camping equipment (Including roll matt and sleeping bag)
  • Polar winter clothing and footwear gear
  • Personal travel insurance 
  • All meals not specified 
  • Tips for guides and porters
  • Personal spending money
  • Flights to and from Tromso
  • Vaccinations (if required)
  • Visa's (if required)

What people are saying

DARE was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The thrill of exploring and living in the Arctic made me feel like one of the pack.

Sanya, DARE 2022


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You will be looked after by accredited, English speaking local guides along with an Endeavours Adventures rep.

Average group sizes vary, but will be between 12 - 16 participants depending on the number of sign ups. 

The first night accommodation is spent sleeping on reindeer skins, with the fire going, in traditional Sami tents. 

You will be wild camping during the expedition, so the comfort level is basic but cosy. You will have very limited access to facilities during the expedition itself. 

The last night accommodation will be in a hotel in Tromsø city centre. 

This trek is rated 3/5 on its challenge level of difficulty. 

You do not need any previous outdoor experience, we provide everything to stay safe and warm but this is a real adventure. We head to very remote areas inaccessible by road, and the cold and everchanging conditions are part of the challenge. Guides are there to assist you but most of the work will be done by you. You are expected to help tend to your team, set up your own camp and be actively involved! Dog sledding is active and physically demanding. Get ready to work as part of your team. 

Don't let this stop you though! You will supported throughout the challenge by your guide and fellow team-mates.

A typical day on the DARE challenge will see you waking up in the early hours and getting off on your adventure! 

You will rise early for the morning duties. Camp is packed up and the dogs fed, harnessed and set up on the sled. 

You will be dog sledding with your own team of Alaskan Huskies, through the endless snowy landscapes of Northern Scandinavia. Long distances and harsh arctic conditions will challenge your limits. 

After the day spent exploring, you will find a suitable camping spot and rest up ready for another big day. 

Northern Norway shares the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. The interior areas of Northern Norway have an Arctic type of climate in winter with snow, strong winds and severe frosts.

Tromsø in April as daytime temperatures of 0.3°C on average! 

With this in mind, please ensure you have clothing suitable for this challenge.

Norway is a country that is closely connected to its history and cultural past. The deep link to its Viking past is seen in contemporary culture as well.

The country’s natural landscape—its Arctic environment and vast coasts—has shaped Norway’s customs and history, as outdoor activities are central to the life of most Norwegians.  

In northern Norway, the Sami maintain a distinct culture. Long known as reindeer herders, they maintain their own national dress. 

Norwegian is the official language of Norway.

Below are a couple of useful phrases for travellers in Norway.

Norwegian Phrases:

  • Hello: Hallo
  • Please: Vær så snill 
  • Thank you: Takk 
  • Do you speak English?: Snakker du Engelsk? 
  • Help me!: Hjelp meg!

Food is important to us. Good and nourishing food makes a good trip even better. All meals and snacks whilst on trek are included in the tour price, unless stated otherwise. 

Endeavours Adventures can cater for all dietary options. At 8 weeks before your challenge start date, a form will be sent to you to request this information. Through this, we will ensure that you are catered for, and will keep you updated on any issues regarding your dietary requests. 

We take all our food for the trail with us. You will have a box for the week prepared for you. Food can vary, but evening meals are expedition packs (freeze dried food) and there will be a selection in your box; such as chilli con carne, pasta, chicken curry etc. There are also items to make sandwiches for a quick and easy lunch during sledding breaks, as well as breakfast items like muesli, tea, coffee and snacks.

Phone signal is very limited. Additionally, there are not many opportunities to charge devices, so be sure to bring portable battery packs if you wish to keep them charged. Batteries do not last long in cold conditions. 

We suggest to disconnect and enjoy the wilderness! 

At Endeavours Adventures we place safety at the heart of what we do. Whilst an element of risk always exists within each challenge, we have worked with our partners in country and implemented our own procedures to minimise risk whilst still ensuring you have an incredible challenge experience! 

All our challenges are risked assessed in line with BS8848 British Standards of Trekking.

Bringing re-usable 1L or 2L water bottles on your challenge is compulsory, as you need to have enough water to keep hydrated and well throughout your trek.

There are no required vaccinations for Norway. However, we recommend that you are up to date with your health vaccinations recommended in the UK. You may also want to consider getting a Tetanus jab, yet this is not compulsory. 

No yellow fever vaccination certificate required for Norway.

Please consult an appointment with a travel nurse if you would like to discuss vaccinations for Iceland. 

You can find a travel nurse at a pharmacy, or at a travel clinic at Superdrug & Boots. You can also speak to your GP beforehand if you are unsure where to start.

We strongly recommend that you bring certain medication as a precaution for your challenge. This includes: painkillers, re-hydration sachets, anti-sickness and diarrhoea medication.

We strongly recommend that you start training around 16-18 weeks before the challenge date. If this is not possible for you to do, we would recommend going on regular walks with different types of ground, steepness, and even practice walking with the bag you will wear on the challenge, as well as your walking boots. 

All of this will help prepare your body. Also, committing yourself to enough fitness training beforehand will make the challenge more comfortable for you.

There are no specific exercise routines that you must follow, as everyone is different. However, doing squats regularly as well as step-up exercises, such as the stair master at the gym, is recommended.

The team at Endeavours Adventures do not offer training sessions. However, this may be something that your challenge leader or team could organise throughout the year with you. 

Yes! If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will be able to see our training plan guide for you. 

Please be aware that this is just a recommendation - this is for inspiration rather than a requirement.

Flights are not included in the registration fee, and must be arranged by participants themselves. This is because it is cheaper and provides you with more flexibility in terms of when you arrive and depart from the country, should you wish to stay for longer before or after. 

For this challenge, you will need a 20-35L day backpack, which you will be using as your backpack throughout the trek. This must weigh 8 kg or less.

You will also need a 60-75L large rucksack to bring all your belongings in. Avoid bringing a suitcase! Please do not exceed 15 kg per person.

In the rare possibility that your large rucksack doesn’t arrive at your destination with you on time, please can you ensure that you pack enough clothing and items for a couple of days in your day bag.

The currency in Norway is Norwegian Krone.

There will be ATM availability in Tromsø, but no ATM availability during the challenge.

We recommend bringing £200 worth of currency.

To consider would be:

  • A tip for the guides and porters during the trek between £40-70 worth of Norwegian Krone each.
  • Cash for souvenirs
  • Emergency cash
  • Money for group dinner and drinks on the last night
  • Money for any meals not included in the itinerary and for coffee / snacks you may want in Tromsø on free days
  • NOK / GBP to buy food during the airport journeys there and back

If you want to bring a card, you could also bring your Monzo or Revolut card.

For Norway, a visa is not required for UK citizens. Without a visa, British nationals can stay inside Norway for a maximum period of 90 days. 

However, if you are an international citizen, it is your responsibility to arrange your own visa to cover the duration of your challenge. You can contact the team at Endeavours Adventures should you need support in this process. 

For DARE, it is your responsibility to arrange your own travel insurance for the whole duration of your challenge. For this challenge, you need to have insurance that covers you up to 1,500m above sea level.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email

You are welcome to source your own insurance, but we recommend booking through our suppliers, which you can find on our "General FAQs" page. 

The 2023/24 standard fundraising target is £1,995.

With a variety of options available, you can choose to pay our standard registration and fundraising target, or alter the total amount paid at sign up in order to receive a proportionate change of the total amount you will have to fundraise. No matter the registration fee chosen, each can be split across different payment plans. 

2023/24 options available for DARE:

  • STANDARD - Standard Registration Fee (£595) and Fundraising Target (£1,995)
  • FLEXI 1 - Lower Registration Fee (£395) and Higher Fundraising Target (£2,495)
  • FLEXI 2 - Max Registration Fee (£895) and Low Fundraising Target (£1,395)
  • FLEXI 3 - £1100 Registration Fee and £995 Fundraising Target 

Yes! In signing up and paying the registration fee for this challenge, you are given the option to either be SELF-FUNDED or choose from one of 3 FUNDRAISE options for a chosen charity. If a FUNDRAISE option is selected, after completing your registration payment (s) you must also reach your fundraising target to guarantee your place on the challenge. But fear not! We have an expert team of fundraising guides and support available to help you alongside the incredible support you shall receive directly from the charity.

In most cases, you are able to change your fundraising option for your challenge, provided that it is before your final fundraising deadline. 

Your charity representative must approve this change, and you must email your charity rep AND a member of the Endeavours Adventures' team about this before this can be confirmed. 

A change in your fundraising option will incur a £25 administration fee.

NOTE: If you are fundraising for Dig Deep, you CANNOT request to lower your fundraising target.

Endeavours Adventures have a lot to offer you in terms of fundraising support! Once you sign up to your challenge, you will receive a welcome email which will include the different ways the team will support you. 

This support will include a monthly fundraising newsletter, monthly fundraising support sessions, an online fundraising resources pack, and regular communication with the Endeavours Adventures’ team.

This charity challenge is split 50:50, where 50% of your fundraising goes straight to the charity, and the remaining 50% goes towards the costs of running the challenge.

On top of this, 100% of the money that you raise above your fundraising target goes directly to the charity to support the incredible work they do.

Your fundraising deadline will usually be between 6-8 weeks before your challenge start date, which is dependent on the charity you are fundraising for.