Challenge yourself to take on the highest peaks in the UK...

National Three Peaks Trek


The National Three Peaks challenge is a world renowned adventure found within the UK that sees participants take on the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, usually within 24 hours. 

We cover a total distance of 26 miles and 3000m in ascent, with participants witnessing majestic landscapes, breathtaking views and beautiful scenery every step of the way. 

All our challenges are inclusive of accommodation, guides and transport throughout the challenge.


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National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 04-06 July 2023

July 4 - 6 2023

National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 04-06 July 2023

Take on the iconic UK National Three Peaks challenge today... Three Peaks, Three Countries, 24 Hours!


National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 07-09 July 2023

July 7 - 9 2023

National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 07-09 July 2023

Take on the iconic UK National Three Peaks challenge today... Three Peaks, Three Countries, 24 Hours!


National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 11-13 July 2023

July 11 - 13 2023

National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 11-13 July 2023

Take on the iconic UK National Three Peaks challenge today... Three Peaks, Three Countries, 24 Hours!


National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 18-20 July 2023

July 18 - 20 2023

National Three Peaks Trek (24h): 18-20 July 2023

Take on the iconic UK National Three Peaks challenge today... Three Peaks, Three Countries, 24 Hours!


National Three Peaks Challenge - (36h) 14 - 16 July 2023

July 14 - 16 2023

National Three Peaks Challenge - (36h) 14 - 16 July 2023

Take on the iconic UK National Three Peaks challenge today for the National Autistic Society... Three Peaks, Three Countries, 36 Hours!



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Three Peaks for Gaz (24H) - Sarcoma UK

September 1 - 3 2023

Three Peaks for Gaz (24H) - Sarcoma UK

Take on the iconic National Three Peaks challenge for Sarcoma UK - In Memory of Gaz. Three Peaks, Three Countries, 24 Hours...



Transport has been arranged in the late morning to take you from Manchester train station to Fort William, where you shall be briefed and stay overnight prior to the start of the challenge.

Alternative pick up locations can be arranged on route upon request.

Drive: 6 hours

Accommodation: Hostel

Your challenge begins with an early start, breakfast, and transport to our first peak, the legendary Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis is the UK's highest mountain and takes between 4-6 hours to complete depending on the team's pace. 

We then travel down to the Lake District, stopping for lunch on route, before taking on peak 2 - Scafell Pike. England's Highest mountain nestled amongst the beautiful lakes and hills found in England's most famous national park.

Following the end of Scafell Pike, we continue onwards to Wales, stopping for dinner and snacks before continuing through the night.

Meals: Breakfast

Walking: 29.8km - Active walking time: 8 hours hours

We travel through the night to Mt Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain and the final challenge for you to take on. 

Starting at night, we trek into the sunrise the next morning, offering a unique and memorable experience that you will never forget as you witness the rays of light begin to rise as you take on the last peak.

Upon completion, we head back to Manchester by transport and conclude the challenge.  

Trek: 14.5km - 4 hours trekking time


  • All meals as specified in itinerary 
  • Professional guides 
  • Transport from and to Manchester Piccadilly 
  • Accommodation prior to the start of the challenge
  • Travel Insurance
  • All meals not specified 
  • Optional Tips for guides and porters
  • Personal Spending Money
  • Transport to and from Manchester Piccadilly 

What people are saying

Challenge testimonials

The National Three Peaks Challenge was a great opportunity to challenge myself into doing something I had never done before.

Abiram, Warwick Three Peaks 2022

It has been an amazing experience and a pleasure!

Kangxin, UCL Three Peaks 2022

Within 24 hours, I soaked in some of the best views the UK has to offer whilst meeting some awesome people.

Denver, Hertfordshire Three Peaks 2022


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You will be looked after by accredited, English speaking local guides along with an Endeavours Adventures rep.

Average group sizes vary, but will be between 10 - 40 participants depending on the number of sign ups. 

The night before your challenge starts, you will be staying in a local hotel in Fort William, where you will have dinner and prepare for the challenge.

Once the challenge begins, you will be on the move throughout the day, and so the only rest you will have will be on the mini-bus to each mountain!

This trek is rated 2/5 on its challenge level of difficulty. Many people across various abilities have been able to complete the Three Peaks. However, this is quite an intense challenge as you try to beat the clock whilst also not getting much rest. 

Don't let this stop you though! You will supported throughout the challenge by your guide and fellow team-mates.

The terrain on the mountains will be varied, and it may occasionally be rocky. The higher the altitude, the colder and possibly windier it will be, so make sure to bring your layers in your day bag to avoid any danger!

The only meal provided is the breakfast the morning of the challenge. 

Endeavours Adventures can cater for all dietary options. At 8 weeks before your challenge start date, a form will be sent to you to request this information. Through this, we will ensure that you are catered for, and will keep you updated on any issues regarding your dietary requests.

You will burn in-excess of 1500 calories on each mountain, so it is important that you eat along the way and whilst in the minibus. We recommend that you carry snacks whilst on the hill with something more substantial left in the minibus to eat whilst travelling. 

We don't have a required list of foods to bring as everyone has their own preference. However, bananas, little oranges, mini pork pies, dried fruit, chocolate bars, wine gums & jelly babies and other similar snack foods all work well as trekking snacks.

We also recommend you carry 2 litres of water to drink whilst walking and have something else to drink in the minibus.

At Endeavours Adventures we place safety at the heart of what we do. Whilst an element of risk always exists within each challenge, we have worked with our partners in country and implemented our own procedures to minimise risk whilst still ensuring you have an incredible challenge experience! 

All our challenges are risked assessed in line with BS8848 British Standards of Trekking.

Tap water in the UK is safe. However, if you need water whilst trekking, please make sure to ask your guide whether it is safe to drink the water available.

Bringing re-usable 1L or 2L water bottles on your challenge is compulsory, as you need to have enough water to keep hydrated and well throughout your trek.

You do not need vaccinations for this challenge.

If you are concerned, however, please feel free to contact your GP about the challenge and see if there you need any vaccinations.

Your local guide will have an emergency first aid kit with them at all times. However, we strongly recommend getting a personal first aid kit for the challenge, that includes things such as plasters and paracetamol. 

If you struggle with travel sickness, it may also be worth looking into bring medication for this, as you will be driving to and from each mountain for prolonged periods.

If you have any medication for any personal health issues, then we recommend you do bring it. 

It is extremely unlikely that you will get altitude sickness from this challenge. If this is something that is concerning you though, please see your GP to discuss it.

Many people who take on the National Three Peaks Challenge have never done anything like it before, so you don't need to be a mountain runner to take part!

However, we strongly recommend that you practice some form of hiking and start training at least 6-8 weeks before the challenge date. If this is not possible for you to do, we would recommend going on regular walks with different types of ground, steepness, and even practice walking with the bag you will wear on the challenge, as well as your walking boots. All of this will help prepare your body for the day. 

A typical trek at this level will include trekking for 4 to 6 hours per day over consecutive days possibly at high altitude, so it is important to get your body adjusted to this level of activity.

There are no specific exercise routines that you must follow, as everyone is different. However, doing squats regularly as well as step-up exercises, such as the stair master at the gym, is recommended.

The team at Endeavours Adventures do not offer training sessions. However, this may be something that your challenge leader or team could organise throughout the year with you. 

Yes! If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will be able to see our training plan guide for you. 

Please be aware that this is just a recommendation - this is for inspiration rather than a requirement.

You will need to provide your own transport to and from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station.

Your main baggage should be your 20-35L backpack that you will use on the challenge. However, you are allowed to bring another smaller backpack that can be left in the van whilst you are trekking each mountain.

Please ensure to keep the weight of your baggage low.

You can find the kit list to this challenge here!

You can arrange your own travel insurance suitable for the challenge. This is not mandatory for UK challenges; however, you may feel more comfortable taking out a policy, especially if you are an international student.

The 22-23 fundraising target for our National Three Peaks Challenge is £695. 

For the National Three Peaks Challenge, we do not offer different fundraising options.

If you have any problems with your fundraising, please email

Yes! In signing up and paying the registration fee for this challenge, you must also reach your fundraising target to guarantee your place. 

But fear not! We have an expert team of fundraising guides and support available to help you alongside the incredible support you shall receive directly from the charity.

You will have an immense amount of support through every step of your challenge experience. The team at Endeavours Adventures all have an extensive background in student fundraising and have tip and tricks to give to you. 

You will also have a challenge leader who will be your main point of call to voice any fundraising concerns or worries. 

Most challenges will have a charity representative, who will lead on supporting your fundraising progress, and will offer different resources and events to help boost your donations. If a challenge does not have a charity representative, the team at Endeavours will lead on fundraising support.

Endeavours Adventures have a lot to offer you in terms of fundraising support! Once you sign up to your challenge, you will receive a welcome email which will include the different ways the team will support you. 

This support will include a monthly fundraising newsletter, monthly fundraising support sessions, an online fundraising resources pack, and regular communication with the Endeavours Adventures’ team.

Charity challenges are usually split 50:50, where 50% of your fundraising goes straight to the charity, and the remaining 50% goes towards the costs of running the challenge. At Endeavours Adventures, we want to go above and beyond and ensure that we are giving as much to the charity as possible. 

For our National Three Peaks Challenge, the split is 51% to the charity, and 49% to the costs of the challenge. 

On top of this, 100% of the money that you raise above your fundraising target goes directly to the charity to support the incredible work they do.

This would be an extremely rare scenario to happen as the driver will never stray too far from the mini-bus. However, you are responsible for taking care of your own personal belongings. If something is too valuable for you to lose, it might not be worth bringing it at all.

Endeavours Adventures is not liable for any lost or stolen goods during the challenge.