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Charity Skydive - Warwick

Take to the skies as you free fall up to 13,000 feet and at speeds of up to 120 mph whilst parachuting back down to Earth...



A stable of everyone's bucket list, a tandem skydive hardly needs an introduction... Take in incredible scenery, push your body to its limit and and create 'braggable' life-long new memories, all in support of charity. Our skydiving challenge allows you to experience the thrill of free fall tandem skydiving, take it all in whilst harnessed to a qualified professional, avoiding the need for any extensive training! You will jump from 13,000 ft high, and reach speeds of 120 mph throughout an adrenaline-fueled minute of free-falling, after which your parachute is deployed, and you descend safely back down to Earth for a further 5-7 minutes! Always wanted to skydive? Well now is your chance! Book your charity jump today !


Depending upon your jump time, arrive at the centre in the morning or afternoon and start your day with us





Upon arrival at the skydive centre, we will meet you on site in the morning before booking you in and ensuring everything is in place for the day ahead. Here we shall then have a bit of time to grab a coffee or tea before all the fun starts.

After a drink, we will begin our briefing, here you'll find out everything you need to know about the day ahead, including specific jump times and safety information. 



Once we've finished our briefing and you're all ready to go, you are to wait for your name to be called to begin your adventure. Meet your personal instructor and get kitted up for what lies ahead. 



Once fully kitted up, you're ready to take on the challenge! Climb on board, get buckled in and fly to 13,000 feet. 

3...2...1... Jump out!  This is the moment you've all been waiting for. Enjoy the beautiful and surreal landscape when free falling from 13,000 feet above the UK, experience over 1 minute of free falling followed by a graceful descent back to Earth under the cover of your parachute. 

After months of dreaming, your bucket-list challenge is finally happening. 

Friends and family are invited to come and watch your whole skydive (*subject to national restrictions) and will be ready to greet you when you land.



Stick around, enjoy the atmosphere, wait until the adrenaline rush calms down and watch all your friends do their skydive. Following this, we shall head back to where we started and you are free to make your way back home. 

What's Included

What's Included

Full Tandem Skydive



3rd Party Insurance

Carbon Offsetting

Transport to and from the skydive centre

Food and drink on the day


Most people have no problems. The weight limit for Tandem jumps is 15 stone and these weights must be in proportion to your overall height. You do not need to be in excellent health to do a Tandem Jump, but certain conditions may effect this so if you are in any doubt then please consult your GP. 

Approximately 120 miles an hour.

Yes you can! Very rarely a 1st time skydiver will have difficulty catching their breath. And after a few jumps you would give breathing no more thought than you would now! 

All parachutists wear two parachutes when making a jump. In this Tandem jump the instructor will carry out the reserve drills and use the β€œspare” if required.

Yes! In signing up for a charity skydive you must also reach your fundraising target to confirm your place on the challenge. But fear not! We have an expert team of fundraising guides and support available to help you. 

British weather being what it is you can never guarantee a jump will take place on the day booked. We will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check. And if the weather is very poor we will rebook you for a different day of your choice. 

Yes - The standard weight limit to take part in a tandem skydive is 15 stone and these weights must be in proportion to your overall height. 

Registration at the airfield for your jump will require you to apply for a Personal Liability (3rd party insurance) which is included in the cost of the skydive. 

If you require Personal Accident insurance cover, you will need to arrange this yourself. Leaflets are available at the centre and insurance cover can easily be arranged on the day. 

No - Unfortunately go pro and other video recording devices are banned for tandem skydive students as per the regulations. If you would like to receive a recording and photos of your skydive you can book a professional to jump with you. This can be arranged on the day. 

Charity Skydive - Warwick

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