Norway·April 15 - 22 2024

Norway: DARE - Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge

Want to sledge with your own team of Alaskan Huskies in the Arctic?...



The expedition will take you deep into remote and wild terrain of the Arctic, crossing from Norway into Sweden and Finland across an EPIC 6 days of sledding. Lead your team of Alaskan Huskies, through the endless snowy landscapes of Northern Scandinavia. Long distances and stunning arctic tundra will challenge your limits along with providing a glimpse into one of the most untouched regions of Earth. Camping in tented accommodation each evening and tend to your dogs whilst making new memories for life, the sounds of paws on snow will never leave you.

Norway: DARE - Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge

Norway· April 15 - 22 2024· 7 nights